Rules For Articles and Blog Posts

  • No vandalizing articles
  • No cursing
  • No bullying
  • No spam
  • No putting false information on an article

Please respect the rules as our mods and members have worked hard.

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: Warning

3rd Offense: Ban for 3 days

4th Offense: Ban for 2 weeks

5th Offense: Ban for one month

6th Offense: Mods Decide

Rules For Chat

  • No cursing
  • No bullying
  • No spam
  • You can curse in PM if both people are fine with it
  • No talk of self-harm

Please follow these rules. We have three mods currently that will make sure no one is breaking these.

If you do break these rules here are the consequences:

First time: Warning

Second time: Another warning and kick from chat

Third time: Ban from chat for one day

Fourth offense: Ban from chat for one week

Fifth offense: Ban from chat for one month

Sixth offense: Mods will decide

Thank you!

Mods- Golden, Gig, and Steppy

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